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Joint stock company «Kaliningrad Sea Commercial port» (KSCP JSC) is the largest enterprise of the westernmost and unique ice-free Russian port on the Baltic Sea regarding the volume of the work performed as well as maintenance support and range of services, provided to cargo owners.

KSCP JSC is situated in the southeast part of the Baltic Sea in Pregel river watermouth in Special economic zone of Russia – the Kaliningrad region.

Terminals of  KSCP JSC are located in inner harbours (Volnaya and Industrialnaya) of the Kaliningrad city and connected with the Baltic sea by navigation canal 43 kilometers long, from 80 to 150 meters wide and from 9 to 10,5 meters deep.

 Advantages of KSCP JSC:

•    Advantageous geographical location;
The port with its location on the junction of the trans-european transportation corridors (No.1А – «Riga-Kaliningrad-Gdansk» and No.9Д «Kiev – Minsk –Vilnyus – Kaliningrad») indicates on the formal integration of the region into European transportation system. It takes only one hour to get to the European Union by road.
One more advantage is neighboring to the European countries as the major Russian export consumer, (36 hours by sea to Hamburg) as well as regions of Russia and union state – Belarus – as the major import goods consumer (48 hours to Moscow by container train);
•    extended port infrastructure;
•    modern handling equipment and machinery, with the usage of advanced technologies for cargo handling(except for dangerous cargoes of the first and seventh classes);
•    high level of cargo handling and long-term experience of service rendering;
•    favourable environment: Kaliningrad port is a unique ice-free Russian port on the Baltic Sea

Major services of  KSCP JSC are the following:

•    loading-unloading operations;
•    warehousing;
•    storage operations;
•    customs bonded warehouse services;
•    mooring operations;
•    letting of business and warehouse premises, objects of infrastructure etc.

Under the competitive climate of the Baltic sea port, management of Kaliningrad Sea Commercial port carries out market trends forecasting, sets priorities in port development and is busy with conducting the investment policy.

The port sets the following priorities regarding the following fields of investment activity: capital investments in handling equipment, construction of storage and industrial infrastructure facilities.

About 90 % of the port’s net profit is allocated to the investment activity.  JSC KSCP has carried out at its own expense a significant part of operations envisaged by container terminal development project: construction of 2 berths, container freight station, 3,9 km railway sidings, 111,5 thous. sq.km., covering of cargo areas, acquisition of  special-purpose container handler with up to 45 tons of lifting capacity. Container terminal is equipped with heavy-lift gantry cranes, including modern gantry crane «Fenix» with 50 tons lifting capacity.
Development of infrastructure for container transshipment through «Kaliningrad Sea Commercial port» JSC gave the opportunity for sustainable operation of container shipping lines and increase of container handling.

Development strategy of KSCP JSC is based on involvement of new сargo flows and strengthening of the previous ones. For this purpose, territory of the enterprise is supplied with conditions for production development, which allows to use benefits of the Kaliningrad Special economic zone both for long-term partners of KSCP JSC and prospective cargo shippers. Cargo enterprises, launched on the territory of KSCP JSC, provide an opportunity to ensure additional consistent cargo turnover in amount of around 30 thousand tons per month.
The biggest value in the port is its personnel.Skilled vast-experienced professionals are able to master any latest equipment in the shortest time, that gives an opportunity for KSCP JSC to ensure the cargo owners in providing high quality service and all whatever is required!