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Storage possibilities

Joint stock company «Kaliningrad Sea Commercial port» is equipped with the following facilities for cargo reception and storage:

1. Open storage area

Open storage area of KSCP JSC is 238 275,8 sq. m., load bearing capacity – from 2,5 up to 10 t/sq.m.

2. Warehouses

Warehouse number Total area of the warehouse, sq.m

Load capacity


Warehouse No.1 3061,6 4 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.3 4742,3 4 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.5 767,9 4 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.6 12037,9 4 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.7 1958,0 4 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.8 1544,6 6 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.9 1948 6 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.10 4628,9 4 t/sq.m
Warehouse No.12
5255,6 6 t/sq.m
Container freight station 8946,9 4 t/sq.m
TOTAL: 44 891,7 sq. m  

3. Refrigerated warehouses

Warehouse name Total area of the warehouse, sq.m Load capacity, t/sq.m
Refrigerated warehouse No. 1 760,6 4 t/sq.m
Refrigerated warehouse No. 2 4965,9 4 t/sq.m
Refrigerated warehouse No. 3 465,8 4 t/sq.m
TOTAL: 6 192,3  

Refrigerated warehouses No. 1, No. 2 and No.3 work round the clock, being designed for deep-freeze cargo storage at the following temperature: t°= -18…-22° С.
Cold storages are equipped with modern refrigerating facilities, able to maintain predetermined temperature condition. Besides, the storages are equipped with loading ramps, railway sidings, satisfying current requirements and providing cargo safety.

4. Oil-products transfer terminal (fuel oil)

Berth No.16, occupied by the terminal, ensures tankers processing up to 132 meters long (subject to individual agreement – up to 163 meters), loaded draft up to 7,4 meters, deadweight up to11000 tons.